Monday, 28 November 2016

Pegasus Box Crack Software Latest Version v1.3.8 free Download

The Pegasus box software download from its official servers. The Pegasus box is a professional flashing box which you used for flash you all over Samsung mobile gadgets. You can easily get access to your phone then you can easily read and write your phone's firmware and you can also reset and read all locked codes. Pegasus box crack setup.
Pegasus Box Crack Software Latest Version v1.3.8 free Download
 If you forget your phones security code then you can easily remove the code by flash your phone using this flashing box. With the help of this box, you can are able to restore your phones IMEI and repair. If you wish to change your serial number so you can easily use this box to do this stuff. You can easily solve your phones software problems and it will support up to 250 Samsung phones models and you can use this setup so easily. If you buy this box from the market you there are many accessories are avail with this like flashing cables different ports and other original USB cables.

 The simple flashing process and the box uses a single file flashing protocol. This is developed for flashing and the design of its software is so simple and you can easily operate this setup on your PC. There are so many multiples features are included with this setup like The box will works with 256+ phones at the same time. This will communicate the interface and creates a virtual COM port like UFS gadgets. High-speed flashing option and the speed is up to (468/912). The interface is so simple and users friendly.

The format of all models is in alphabetical option. You can easily activate your smart card and there is an option of automatic updates and you don`t have to update the setup regularly. Comfortable for all over an operating system like windows XP and Windows 7. You can direct unlock all the supported models. unlock The phones without flash them. Upgrade your phones current firmware to the latest. If you wish to rebuild your phones IMEI so just do this stuff using a simple stuff. You can repair your software all errors. Read your phones full flash. 

pegasus box supported models Here.

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