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Nokia Asha 501 RM-902 Latest Flash Files Version 14.6 Free Download

Nokia Asha 501 latest version of flash files pack V.14.0.6 with multi languages for South Asia and Gulf. Nokia Asha 501 on this version we share Urdu version of flash files also have English, Urdu, Pushtu, Farsi And Arabic languages.You can flash these files with any professional flashing tool like UFS tool or ATF Or Infinity Nokia Best.Before flashing one point is impotent that your phone battery must be charged more then 50% and all of you phone data will be deleted after flashing that's why if your phone is on then tack back up your data first. 

Nokia Asha 501 RM-902 Latest Flash Files Version 14.6 Free Download

Nokia Asha 501 phone you can easily use any flash tool to flash your phone and install the firmware on your NOKIA NOKIA E66 RM-343 mobile phone. You can flash this phone with Infinity Nokia Best or ATF box or UFS Multi flashing tool flash your phone easily. To install the flash file on your phone the method is very simple and easy but always remember that the flashing is a risky method of flashing your phone in case during the flashing phone stop responding to flashing device then your phone can be death and one more point before flash any phone tack back up all of your data after flashing all of your data will be lost.


Before starting the official update of your phone, you must have to >
  • full backup all of your data like SMS, Contacts, pics, and videos after updating all of your data will be lost.
  • Make sure that your phone is charged up to 50%
  • Nokia USB drivers must be installed on your PC.
  • Any Nokia Flashing tool or Box Must be installed on your PC.
  • The correct firmware of your model must be download.

We have tested these flash files with Infinity Nokia Best flashing tool.
here is test log:
Connect the phone to selected interface...

Core : v2.23 , BB5XG FlashEngine : v10.1

Selected FlashSettings : Manual
File [Ok] : rm902_14.0.6.mcusw.fpsx
File [Ok] : rm902_14.0.3_059R2T6_m1_245_03_452443.rofs.fpsx
File [Ok] : rm902_14.0.3_059R2T6_m1_245_03_452443.image.fpsx

Dead Mode is Selected 
Waiting for USB device... 
If PC does not detect phone - Insert Cable first, then Insert the battery 
If stuck on boot  - remove MicroSD card from the phone! 
--- Press phone's power button or insert cable & charger! --- 

1st Boot Done, processing booting now
ASIC ID_F     : 00000C2016100040498A2809A696A9FC807B9500
ASIC ID_E     : 00000C2016100040
PUBLIC ID     : BA0F1E52AEA33F9D498A2809A696A9FC807B9500
ROOT KEY HASH : 125FC72605B5C4E48A9E0225084D2579
ROM ID        : 535882252F54C676

Prepare and send 2nd loader...
2nd boot Ok
Prepare and send Algo loader...
Algo boot Ok

IMEI [1] : 35xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IMEI [2] : 35xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
NPC Certificate saved...
CCC Certificate saved...
HWC Certificate saved...

RPL saved : C:\InfinityBox\BEST\Backup\Cert\358984052379164_XG223_CRT.rpl

PAPUBkeys : 7E4AA99553DB48A5F2DD39E02FA1B862ECB0EF5E

 === SW Version Check === 
 === SW Version Check === 

  === Flashing MCU === 
Processing file : rm902_14.0.6.mcusw.fpsx
Total blocks: 82
Writing RKH CRT [ISSW]
Writing RKH CRT [PAPUBKEYS] [PAKeys : 7E4AA99553DB48A5F2DD39E02FA1B862ECB0EF5E]
File processed Ok, 81 blocks were written

  === Flashing PPM === 
Processing file : rm902_14.0.3_059R2T6_m1_245_03_452443.rofs.fpsx
Total blocks: 13
Writing RKH CRT [PPM]
File processed Ok, 13 blocks were written

  === Flashing CNT === 
Processing file : rm902_14.0.3_059R2T6_m1_245_03_452443.image.fpsx
Total blocks: 59
File processed Ok, 59 blocks were written

Flashing done, total time : 00:00:48
Reboot phone to service mode...

Reading Phone Info....
Connected phone -   501
Software Info:     V 14.0.6 10-07-14 RM-902 (c) Nokia           
IMEI:  35xxxxxxxxxxxxx
PPM version :   ea6d94589d9f63b081391ac0aae46b014a8938b3
Product code:  059T1W3
Wait, when phone will be ready ...
SimLock status: SimLock is Ok
Security status: Security is Ok
Read Info Done!
Check and Upload User Certificates ...
Total - 59 certs
Certificates found, skip upload ...
Battery voltage is enough for the start
AfterFlash operations done ;D

Connect phone to selected interface...

Phone found!
Series 40 Device detected!

read info...  - Ok

Download Nokia Asha 501 RM-902 Latest Flash Files Version 14.6 Free

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