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Download Samsung S5 SM- G-900H Official Firmware for India

On this post we are going to share with you Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F, M, H, S official firmware Android 5.1.1 direct download without any waiting or any registration on site just click on download link and the download will start.
 You can download these files for your region if you from India or China then easily download file form giving a link to your regional language files and apps.
This is official firmware form Samsung Odin flash file if your phone did not work properly or any other problem or you want to install Hindi language file on your Samsung S5 SM-G-900H  then you can flash this file easily without the help of any other flash device just use Odin and Samsung USB driver flash your phone at home. 

Samsung S5 SM- G-900H Official Firmware Free Download
Firmware and device Info:
Device Name: Samsung S5 SM- G-900H
File Name: G900HXXU1ANG3_G900HODD1ANG1_INU
File size:1.5 GB
Country: Globel
Reginal Code: Globel
Android OS:5.1.1

Same time you are unable to flash your SM- G-900H with Odin then you have to root your phone then you can flash it whit Odin if you  want to just root you SM- G-900H on android 5.1 then you can download Samsung Galaxy S5 SM- G-900H Root file we share lt,s download link also. If after entering in to download mode and Odin fail to flash your SM G-900H then download the root file and write it Odin then try to flash which ROM you download Odin will flash then.

After Root same case phone did not boot normal and restarting on Samsung logo then put your phone into download mode and vol down your phone will boot normally if not then do that 3 or 4 times then the phone will boot normally.

Check the firmware received air method (OTA)

On your Samsung S5 SM- G-900H that method (OTA) you don't need to download the full firmware from our download link you can check the update for your phone firmware automatically without any other requirements only connect your phone wifi and go to setting and then >About> then tip on software update if your phone have any updates you will find here if you smartphone has any firmware updates for here you can get latest updates after click on start downloading update when download compared you have to click on install and your phone will reboot and start updating.

    Why you need to flash your phone!

    When you flash or hard reset your smartphone or another android device it removes all the case of our phone and makes it fresh. Besides, while browsing the internet, or share data via wifi or Bluetooth our phone can be get affected by malware. When you flash your device, during the flashing all the old data will be removed and the malware from your device also removed. There are some apps you have sometimes installed from unauthorized sites or clicking on adds while doing something online on free apps then it will be difficult to uninstall from your device. These apps also decrease the space of your phone memory. In this case, you need to flash your device. Many software on a mobile phone has the expiration date. Every year the company brings the update of the mobile software. So, it is essential to update the software to keep the phone alive and up to date most of the mobile phone brands give updates of there smart devices to look like a new one. Thus flashing makes your phone life extended. It also increases the battery timing.
    • if your phone did not work properly and showing errors during doing something like gaming or chatting its showing errors like that (android system has stopped, Google has stopped working or any game which you love to play the playing that game your phones says XYZ has stopped) in that type of cases first of all try to make a soft reset your phone form setting after soft reset your phone will start working.
    • After soft resetting, your phone still showing errors then make a hard reset your phone will be OK.
    • At last, after soft and hard reset you are getting the same problem then you have to flash your phone with the latest version of firmware of your smartphone then your phone will start normally and work fine.


    Before starting the official update of your phone you must have to >
    • full backup all of your data like SMS, Contacts, pics, and videos after updating all of your data will be loose.
    • Make sure that your phone is charged up to 50%
    • MTK USB drivers must be installed on your PC.
    • Flash Tool must install on your PC.
    • The correct firmware of your model must be download.

    How to flash Samsung Galaxy S5 SM- G-900H firmware with Odin?

    • Download the zip package by giving a link.
    • Unzip the zip folder on your PC any drive.
    • Open Odin latest version or which you have.
    • Then select one from all the files where you extract the zip file.
    • Then put your phone DOWNLOAD MODE holding power+vol down+menu together. 
    • Then connect USB cable with your phone USB driver must be install.
    •  If you did,t have Samsung USB Drivers then Click here 
    • When phone connected to PC on Odin ID: COM will show com port.
    • Then without clicking anywhere just click on start button.
    • After flash don phone will be restarted automatically


    That firmware update is only for only for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM- G-900H don't try to install that firmware on other models of Samsung Android devices that can destroy your phone.

    Download S5 SM- G-900H Official Firmware for India 

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