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Download NCK Dongle Software Full Setup Of All Tools latest Version

NCK Dongle is a poly-functional phone servicing tool for world most of smartphones brands like Alcatel, htc, Blackberry, SonyEricsson, Samsung, LG, Huawei, ZTE and many other MTK, QUALCOMM based smartphones and other devices’ flashing, software repair and unlocking of all type of locks like user locks and FRP locks with easy meathead and user friendly tool.

NCK Dongle Latest version Free Download

NCK Dongle is a professional tool for all type of mobile phones brands and CPU's having the full support of reading write and remove all type of locks for any Android phone.

NCK Dongle Features

  • Unlimited Unlock operations
  • Direct Unlock For SPD & MTK & Some Qualcomm
  • Read Codes For SPD & MTK & Some Qualcomm
  • Phone Book Backup & Restore
  • Read BlackBerry Unlock Codes
  • 0 MEP Blackberry Unlock
  • Calculate BlackBerry 5 Level Codes via IMEI & MEP
  • Calculate BlackBerry 5 Level Codes via IMEI & PRD
  • Read Codes for HTC (Omap & Qualcomm/MTK)
  • Read/Write MTK Flash
  • Write MTK Factory Flash (flash files can be found in support area only)
  • Format MTK phones
  • IMEI Repair in SP-Meta (World’s Exclusive Feature)
  • Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection) For Qualcomm/SPD/MTK etc..
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Reset factory defaults (ZTE phones with counter)
  • Read info and provider ID
  • Display Codes on PC
  • Supports latest PIDs
  • Reads LG Correct Code for a Connected phone with RJ45 Cable + FTDI and USB
  • Unlock Code Calculations for Alcatel cell phones, Calculates 5 levels of Unlock Codes + All Existing PIDs Supported
  • Unlock Code Calculations for ZTE cell phones
  • Unlock Code Calculations for Motorola WX-series cell phones
  • Unlock Code Calculations for Vodafone cell phones
  • Unlock Code Calculations for SFR cell phones
  • Unlock Code Calculations for ZTE Android B03/B04 cell phones
  • USB Dongle protected
  • Standalone features
  • Multi-flashing, language changing
  • Direct Unlock
  • Read Unlock Codes
  • Standalone calculator
  • File manager
  • User Code and Factory Reset
  • Windows 7, Vista & XP compatible
  • Unlimited unlocking
  • USB Dongle protected

Supported Features By NCK Android MTK Software:

  1. Flash Firmware = Allow flashing Firmware
    • Full Firmware (preloader + format)
    • Upgrade Mode (without flash preloader and format).
    • Allow selecting manually files what will be flashed(enable or disable files)
    • Perform after flash checksum verification.
  2. Dump phone firmware = Read factory firmware +additional files like
    • NVRAM
    • Protect
    • FRP etc
    • USER Data (Good For backing up Phone Photos, SMS, Phone Book etc) with detailed info about preloader, firmware, and IMEI.
  3. Dump/Read security items in flash mode.
  4. Restore security items in flash mode.
  5. Dump/Read NVRam & Restore NVRam – Supported in flash mode and meta mode.
  6. Format full except preloader.
  7. Format by range = supported in flash mode.
  8. Format Userdata in phone = supported in flash mode.
  9. Reboot in meta mode, factory mode.
  10. Read unlock codes – supported in flash mode and meta mode, adb mode.
  11. Direct unlock = supported in flash mode and meta mode, adb mode.
  12. Repair IMEI = supported in Flash Mode, Meta Mode, SPMETA Mode, ADB Mode.
  13. Reset FRP = supported in flash mode.
  14. Reset Privacy = supported in flash mode.
  15. Analyse preloader file = provide all info about preloader.
  16. Boot info, provide info about flash ic, cpu, IMEI in flash mode.
  17. Meta info, provide info about IMEI, model, cpu, brand e.t.c. in meta mode.
  18. ADB Info, provide info about IMEI, model, CPU, brand e.t.c. in adb mode.
  19. Allow selecting manually location for backup directory.
  20. Support access with many firmware for different brands and many Security Backups.
Support Access 

Download Support Area Assess shell and download all the tools of Nick Dongle packs or which pack or tool you have active on your dongle.
or Download full setup of all the tools forms NCK Dongle list is here.


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