Wednesday, 6 June 2018

GSD Android Tool Version 1.0.1 Cracked Free Download

If your Android smartphone or another device was locked by passcode or pattern and you forgat lock code and you don't want to lose your data and also want to remove that code then we give you a very useful flash tool for removing all type of locks on adb and fast boot mode that is GSD Android Tool Version 1.0.0 fully safe and encrypted your data partition.
Most of Samsung latest smartphones from 2015 to 2017 phones frp unlocking support in ADB and Download mode have this tool.
Most of the Flashing devices and flash tool format all user data during bypassing all type of locks form your Android device but that tool will save you all the data It is an easy tool for removing all type of  latest smartphones just put your phone into fast boot mode and select your phone Brand and connect USB cable click on unlock  after unlocking all type of locks your phone will be a reboot and direct on the main menu then go to setting and then make the full factory reset.
That app is working on all type of windows OS (32bit, 64 bit) but must have to install all of the ADB and USB drivers of your smartphone and you must have to install ms net framework 4.0 or higher.
GSD Android Tool Version 1.0.0 Free Download

For downloading the latest version of GSD Android Tool Version 1.0.0 just click on download icon we give you in this post 1direct download link and working download link so download that tool and save your data and remove all type of locks form your smartphone.

Features of GSD Android Tool Version 1.0.1
  • Reset Frp dial Mode 
  • Bypass All Screen Lock In Frp = On Or of and Oem = on Or Of encrypted data partition and encrypted Need Flash Eng-root 
  • Bypass All Screen Lock In Adb Mode = need Root Access
  • Read Full Information
  • exit Safe And Factory Mode = Need Root Access
  • Full Format Device = Need Root Access
  • enable Multi Language Samsung = Need Root access
  • Enable Call recording (The main functionality hidden in Samsung.)= Need Root access
  • Enable Blacklist (The main functionality hidden in Samsung.) = need root Access
  • ٍEnable Hardware Version In About Phone(The main functionality hidden in Samsung.) = Need Root Access
  • disable update System Notification = Need Root access
  • disable Anti-Malware Application Samsung = need Root Access
  • Enable Camera Shutter (The main functionality hidden in Samsung.)
  • reboot Device In Normal, download, recovery, Bootloader Mode
  • Write File (flash) In sideload Mode 
  • Bypass All Screen Lock In Twrp Mode = No need Root and More ...
  • Bypass All Screen Lock In sideload Mode = Custom Recovery Data Modification Method
  • Bypass All Screen Lock In Sideload Mode = Custom Recovery Need (encrypted data Partition)
  • Important Make RvSecuRity use Boot.img for Unlock = No need Root Or any Think Just Need Boot.img 


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