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Download Huawei Mate 7 Official firmware file for South East Asia

Download Huawei Mate 7 (MT7-TL10 MT7-TL09)16 GB and 32 GB Android 5.1.1 and 6.0 official firmware file for OTA update file for southeast Asia. if your phone Build: MT7-L09C900B324xxx or Build: MT7-L10C900B324 then you can download and update your Huawei Mate 7 with official android 5.1.1 version for MT7-TL09 and android 6.0 for MT7-LT10 EMUI version 3.1. and 4.0 for 32 GB.
Huawei Mate 7

Firmware and device Info:

Device Name: Huawei Ascend Mate 7

Models: MT7-L09/MT7-TL10

Android: v5.1.1 Lollipop

EMUI: 3.1

Firmware: B324

Build: MT7-L09C900B324/MT7-TL10C900B324

Region: Malaysia

Kernel: 3.10.74

Date: 1-10-2015

Status: Official (Stable)

Type: Full firmware image

Format: Update.app

Size: 1.19 GB

Huawei rio_L01android 6.01

Check the firmware received air method (OTA)
That method (OTA) you don't need to download full firmware from our download link you can check the update for your phone firmware automatically without any other requirements only connect your phone wifi and go to setting and then >Update> then tip on software update if your phone has any update you will find here.

How to Update Huawei Mate 7with SD Card?

  • Download the appropriate zip package from above and extract its contents to your PC.
  • Make sure your device has a C900 build number and has its stock recovery intact. You won’t be able to install this through any custom recovery.
  • Unzip on any driver on your PC.
  • Connect your Mate 7 to the PC in MTP mode and copy the extracted “dload” or (Step 1) folder to either its internal memory or the external SD card make sure your SD card must have 4 GB free space.
  • Monitor the after and, upon completion, disconnect the USB cable. Now go to Settings > Updates > Menu. Choose the Update.app and install it. The phone will automatically reboot, verify the package and install it.
  • If your Phone show errors updating then try to force update mode first of all turn off your Mate 7 and then by holding all the keys (vol+ vol+ and power) connect USB cable and then your Huware Mate 7 will force update mode and then your phone will start updating when its end updating your phone will be reboot and your Mate 7 will be updated with latest android version.
  • Your phone is ready to use.

Official firmware Huawei Mate 7 TL09 16 GB update 

Official firmware Huawei Mate 7 TL10 32 GB update  

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