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Download BST(Best Smart Tool) Latest Version 4.01 (2020) Free

BST (best smart tool) has recently launched it's latest version 4.01 for the public as the named it's the best tool for a smartphone,s for flashing or unlocking or repair network, IMEI, wifi and others just one click root or enable ADB or most of the brand of smartphones like Oppo, Vivo Samsung, HTC, Mi and all other chines MTK and Qualcomm Based smartphones.
BST tool has the support of all types of CPUs like MTK, SPD, QUALCOMM, HISILICON, and others. Most of the mobile's need root to unlock FRP(Factory Reset Protectionlike Samsung and you need to download the full firmware
 or combination file to unlock FRP with that tool you need to just connect your phone and 
click on remove FRP and you have done.
BST(Best Smart Tool)

Best Smart Tools Features.

  • Smart Flashing, Easier >Choose a Rom, Only One-key start to flashing, Flashing device becomes easier.
  • Auto Scan Device Info >Auto scan device info details, w/o choose a model by manually. Model, IMEI, Sw ver, Baseband, Root
  • One-key Enable USB Debug >One-key to enable USB to debug for the models. it will be solved USB debug disabled cannot connect problems
  • One-key Bootloader Unlock>One-key Bootloader Unlock/Relock, w/o login website, w/o complex operation
  • One-key HTC Gold Card>Insert TF Card into the phone, One-key generates the gold card, w/o other SW and tools.
  • Root/Unlock All One-key>Root/Unlock/Wipe all One-key, Supporting hundreds of models. more models coming soon.
  • One-key Backup Userdata>One-key Backup / Restore user data (Phonebook, SMS,...). which item you need as you want!
  • Device Driver Auto Install>Mass driver library support, auto scan device and install drivers, no need waste time to search drivers.
  • Software Online Updating>No need to download upgrade pack by manually, the software will be auto sync to the latest version.
New Supported Models.

Added Xiaomi MIUI 8.X Reset Account Lock (Anti-Relock), network connection without re-lock problems, can online upgrade and flash without the re-lock problem! 
Added VIVO (Qualcomm base) Reset Account Lock, Factory Reset, Read Userdata Partition, Erase IMEI, etc via Qualcomm EDL mode! 
Added Xiaomi/OPPO/VIVO Read Partition table from the device via Qualcomm firehose protocol, improve firehose operational accuracy for Reset Account Lock, Factory Reset, Read Userdata Partition, etc! 

> Added MDE2 {Flash,AccountLock,Factory Reset,Read Userdata Partition,Read/Write QCN,Repair(IMEI1,IMEI2,MEID1)} 
> Added MDT2 {Flash,AccountLock,Factory Reset,Read Userdata Partition,Read/Write QCN,Repair(IMEI1,IMEI2,MEID1)} 
> Added MDG2 {Flash,Account Lock,Factory Reset,Read Userdata Partition,Read/Write QCN,Repair(IMEI 1,IMEI2)} 
> Added MAI132 {Repair Network} 
> Added MCE16 {Repair Network} 
> Added MDE2 {Repair Network} 

> Added A1603 {ScreenLock} 
> Added A59t {ScreenLock} 
> Added A59st {ScreenLock} 
> Added CPH 1605 {Screen Lock} 
> Added CPH1609 {ScreenLock} 

Added Reset Account Lock/Factory Reset/Read Userdata Partition(via EDL mode) for the follow (Qualcomm base) devices: 
X510T, X510W, V1, V1Max, V3, V3A, V3L, V3Max, V3MaxA, V3MaxL, X3F, X3L, X3V, X5F, X5M, X5ML, X5Max, X5MaxF, X5MaxL, X5MaxV, X5Pro, X5ProV, X5V, X6A, X6PlusA, X6SA, X6SL, X6SPlusA, X6SPlusD, X6SPlusL, X7, X7L, X7Plus, X7PlusL, X520A, X520F, X520L, X710F, X710L, Xplay5A, Xplay5S, Y13L, Y613F, Y913, Y18L, Y21L, Y22L, Y23L, Y623, Y923, Y27, Y27(8G), Y627, Y627(8G), Y927, Y927(8G), Y28L, Y628, Y928, Y29L, Y31A, Y31L, Y35A, Y37A, Y37L, Y937, Y51, Y51A, Y51L, Y51E, Y51N, Y51tL 

> Added 1611 {AccountLock,Factory Reset,Read Userdata Partition,Bootloader Unlock/Relock,Read/Write QCN,Repair(IMEI1,IMEI2),Repair(WIFI)} 
> Added X9 {AccountLock,Factory Reset,Read Userdata Partition,Bootloader Unlock/Relock,Read/Write QCN,Re

> Added Xiaomi MIUI8.X Reset Account Lock (Anti-Relock), network connection without re-lock problems, online upgrade and flash without a re-lock problem. 
> Added VIVO (Qualcomm base) Reset Account Lock, Factory Reset, Read Userdata Partition, Erase IMEI, etc via Qualcomm EDL mode. 
> Added Xiaomi/OPPO/VIVO Read Partition table from the device via Qualcomm firehose protocol, improve firehose operational accuracy for Reset Account Lock, Factory Reset, Read Userdata Partition, etc. 
> Optimized Xiaomi/OPPO/VIVO Qualcomm Firehose protocol auto try to reboot the device while operation finished, no need exit EDL mode manually. 
> Optimized Xiaomi/OPPO/VIVO Qualcomm Firehose protocol support multi times connection communication, reduce switch into EDL mode when firehose protocol operation failed. 

* About Xiaomi MI6/MI Max2/Redmi Note5A/MI MIX2/MI NOTE3 etc cannot enable Qualcomm diag port (Open Diag Failed), try to unlock bootloader and then press "Enable QC DIAG". 
* About Read Partition table from the device via Qualcomm firehose protocol function, we used local partition table file (rawprogram*.xml) before, maybe local partition table and phone internal partition table different case exist (such as phone version/capacity is different, etc), resulting in the operation of the address deviation and ultimately affect the accuracy of the software.  
* About VIVO IMEI repair failure problem after a software upgrade, there is a temporary solution: 
1). Download AFTool and run "AFTool(Cracked).exe" as administrators (Support: VIVO_SW/!SUPPORTS/AFTool/AFTool_4.9.0.rar) 
2). Dail (*#558#) select "Quality verification test", Enable "Debugging port" 
3). Repair IMEI via AFTool
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