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CM2 MTK Tool (MT2) Latest Version 2.16 (2020) Free Download

CM2 MT2 Toll New update has been released 10 of this month added support of new models and fixes bugs of the old update and As ordinary, unique functions and methods released in this version changed Protocol updated ( Raphael/Legacy ) also bugs fix while formating MT6737M/MT6580 on android 9.0.
In this version, the Internal EMI engine rebuild you can enable or disable IMEI write option form setting added new models DB rebuild and updated, changed, and optimized selection features DB rebuild from scratch. Selection feature rebuild. Manual mode removed and changed to automatically but you have to correct information about the models you have in your hands. The team of Infinity box has update MT7637 flashing support and checksum verify has to rebuild In the rare case of discrete DRAM may require change EMI once for some specific devices After device learning ( via HW report feature ) it will be stored in SW Database and used automatically at every service/flash/repair operation in this version Not need to seek compatible preloader files for new/not existing FW's devices, spend time to brute-force and etc. Just connect and work what do you want to do.

CM2 MTK Tool latest Version 2.07 in 2020

CM2 MTK Tool latest Version 2.07

Infinity-Box CM2 MTK Tool BOOM BOOM Update in 2020 MT2 Version 2.16 latest update just one click download it's good news for Infinity box users after a long time infinity box team has finally released a new version of the MTK tool if your dongle manager firmware version updated then you can use this version other ways you have to update your Infinity box or dongle firmware.

The latest version of CM2 has the full support of read-write or format unlock most of the mobile brands of the world. 
We always give a suggestion for our readers to avoid cracks if you're a profiterole software or hardware engineer and have a shop then do not use a crack version of the flashing tool always use the original flashing tool. 

What,s New models and features no CM2 MTK 2.16 version?

  • Changed: Core updated for LEGACY line
  • BugFix: MT6737 with Android 10 flashing revised
  • BugFix: Checksum verify rebuild
  • BugFix: Changed memory repartition model for modern scatter formats ( used in Android 10 FWs )
  • BugFix: Different scatter-version dependencies handled now correct
  • Changed: Core updated for RAPHAEL line
  • Changed: UltraFlash feature updated, new security workarounds supported
New Feature : 
  • HW Report ( RAPHAEL - only )
  • Allow reading extended info from the device about its HW
  • EXTCSD info ( complete, include eMMC version, all flags, etc. ) - used in case of identification for HWrepair purposes
  • CSD info ( complete, TEMP/PERM write protection status ) - used in case of identification ReadOnly state in some cases
  • CID info ( FlashIC base info, name, vendor ) - default info, even if boot can not be completed by some HW or SW reasons
  • LifeInfo ( SLC, MLC, EOL status and use counters ) - allow understanding of how bad it feels
  • RPMB info ( is it key programmed or clean and can be re-used )
  • The feature also allows automatic select and store for further use BOOT ROM connection settings for RAPHAEL devices ( DRAM init )
  • HW report not require complete boot in case of semi-dead devices. Useful for HWdebug
  • HW report result may vary in different models and agents, even on the same SoC!
Firmware Reader
  • Changed: LEGACY line support updated ( Android 10 line )
  • Changed: Support more different types
  • Changed: FileSystem tools updated. Issues with reading on some systems should be fixed.
  • Changed: More wide range of scatter versions creation according to device specific data

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Download CM2 MTK Tool latest Version 2.16 (2020) Free

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