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CM2 MTK Tool (MT2) Latest Version 2_v2.38d1 [2023] Free Download

           CM2 MT2 Tool New update v 2,35 has been released 29 this month added support for new models and fixed bugs of the old update As ordinary, unique functions and methods released in this version changed Protocol updated ( Raphael/Legacy ) also bugs fix while formatting MT6737M/MT6580 on android 10.0 and android 11. This update is game over an update for all the latest MTK phones format support without any ATH file you can format all the latest OPPO VIVO REALME and other brands' user codes in one click on meta mode which is not possible a few months ago.

In this version, the Internal EMI engine rebuilds you can enable or disable IMEI write option form setting added new models DB rebuild, and updated, changed, and optimized selection features DB rebuild from scratch. Selection feature rebuild. Manual mode is removed and changed automatically but you have to correct information about the models you have in your hands. The team of Infinity box has updated MT7637 flashing support and checksum verification has to rebuild In the rare case of discrete DRAM may require changing EMI once for some specific devices After device learning ( via HW report feature ) it will be stored in SW Database and used automatically at every service/flash/repair operation in this version Not need to seek compatible preloader files for new/not existing FW's devices, spend time to brute-force and etc. Just connect and work on what you want to do.

CM2 MTK Tool (MT2) Latest Version 2_v2.38d1 [2023] Free Download

CM2 MTK Tool (MT2) Latest Version 2_v2.38d1 [2023] Free Download

Infinity-Box CM2 MTK Tool BOOM BOOM Update in 2022 MT2 Version 2_v2.38d1 changes the game for MTK smartphones flashing and formatting. The latest update is just one click download it's good news for Infinity box users after a long time infinity box team has finally released a new version of the MTK tool if your dongle manager firmware version is updated then you can use this version other ways you have to update your Infinity box or dongle firmware.

The latest version of CM2 v2.34 has the full support of read-write or format unlocking most of the MTK Based mobile brands of the world. 
We always give a suggestion for our readers to avoid cracks if you're a profiterole software or hardware engineer and have a shop then do not use a cracked version of the flashing tool always use the original flashing tool. 

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek 2_v2.38d1 Standalone MTK auth ON - new models and features

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

CM2MT2 2_v2.38d1 with info about MT67xx auth and test reports are HERE


  • [MTK] Added new Support:
  • Xiaomi.
  • Huawei.
  • Vivo / Oppo / Samsung .
  • MTK RPMB Operations { Read - Write - Erase }
  • MTK Direct Operations section improved to support new securities.
  • MTK Added Features :
  • Xiaomi MI Account Bypass
  • Huawei Remove MTK Huawei ID {One Click}
  • Vivo { Remove Demo - MDM - Wipe Data - repair IMEI -FRP }
  • Oppo { Remove MDM - Fix Orange Msg - Wipe Data -FRP }
  • Samsung { Remove KG - MDM - FRP }
  • Changed: Loader v2028 and added new boot version 2112 supported and tested
  • Changed: Protocol updated ( Raphael/Legacy )
  • Changed: Loader v2044 supported and tested ( v2028 was unstable with MT6765 )
  • New Chip: MediaTek AC8227 (Car HeadUnits SoC) supported
  • New Chip: MediaTek AC8257 (Car HeadUnits SoC) supported
  • MediaTek Helio G90T (MT6785)
  • MediaTek Helio P90 (MT6779)
  • MediaTek Helio P70 (MT6771)
  • MediaTek Helio P65 (MT6768)
  • MediaTek Helio P35 (MT6765)
  • MediaTek Dimensity 1200 5G (MT6893)
  • MediaTek Dimensity 1100 5G (MT6891Z/CZA)
  • MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G (MT6877)
  • MediaTek Dimensity 800 5G (MT6873)
  • MediaTek (MT6739)


Changed: Core updated for RAPHAEL line


Changed: META core updated

Changed: HW Report ( RAPHAEL - only )

LifeStatus identify revised, in some cases, it may show wrong info. Strongly recommend using the latest version for HWcheck!

The feature also allows automatic selection and storage for further use of BOOTROM connection settings for RAPHAEL devices (DRAM init)

HW report does not require complete boot in case of semi-dead devices, it is useful for HWdebug

HW report results may vary in different models and agents even on the same SoC!

Firmware Reader

Changed: Some modern brand-specific changes (Oppo, Realme)

Changed: New types supported

Changed: Internal Database updated

Model DB

Changed: New agents included for Tecno, and Infinix ( with different SoC lines )

Changed: New DA base v2044 included


Changed: GUI settings are now stored and loaded select style, settings, and others at the next run

Changed: The environment compatibility issue with 32-bit OS has been fixed

Changed: Many different changes and fixes

Firmware Reader
  • Changed: LEGACY line support updated ( Android 10 line )
  • Changed: Support more different types
  • Changed: FileSystem tools updated. Issues with reading on some systems should be fixed.
  • Changed: More wide range of scattering versions created according to device-specific data

Download UK edition option Off File
Download CM2 MTK Tool latest Version 2_v2.38d1 (2023) Free

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